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Las Vegas Indoor 

The Las Vegas Indoor held at the South Pointe Casino and Hotel is one of the largest races outside of the AMA pro series. It is always in the first couple weeks of March and riders travel all the way across the country to do some “warm” weather riding indoors. Indoor tracks are a lot different than riding on dirt. There is no such thing as traction on the shiny polished concrete. It takes crews about a week prepping the surface so that riders are able to race.

This race was really special for me as it marked the One year anniversary of me riding Flat Track. I really didn’t think I would do as well in my first year riding but things really started to click and I felt more and more comfortable on the bike as the year went along. My weekend wasn’t so great as I crashed out on the first night and was a spectator for the rest of the weekend. Rest assured I will be back next year celebrating my two year anniversary on the flat track bike!


I headed to Orlando, FL the end of January to get ready for my big trip to Trinidad. After I shipped the bike I had a couple of days of down time so I headed to Lakeland, FL for StuntJam. It had been since August since I had competed on the Freestyle bike so I was really excited to get out and ride. There were a lot of good FL riders in attendance along with XDL competitor Luke Duke. I knew I had my work cut out for me if I wanted to beat Luke and win individual freestyle.

I also competed in longest stoppie and had been the first stoppie event I competed in close to two years. I felt great and was rolling good both days. I ended up flipping one at speed Sunday morning before the competition started. In a little bit of pain and a couple of zip ties I went out and was able to roll close 485ft to take 4th in the event. Not bad when I hadn’t rolled that far in a while!

Next up was the main event and I was looking forward to Individual Freestyle. I was really feeling the surface and I think my run showed that as I beat Luke Duke to take 1st place. That was just the way I wanted to start my year and my trip to Trinidad!


I headed to Trinidad for a couple of demos the week before Carnival was to start. From the second I got off the plane I knew it was going to be a good trip and It was going to be an experience that I was never going to forget. From police escorts, shoots on the beach, sold out shows and performing on stage during a live concert I couldn’t have been more right. I can’t really describe in words the weekends events so I am going to let the pictures do the talking.

The past couple of months have been busy with a lot of travel, riding, racing, competing and getting ready for the upcoming summer. There are going to be a lot of changes coming up in my program for the remainder of the year. There are several new partners that I will be joining with for 2012 that I will be announcing soon. Also new for 2012 is going to be my travel vehicle. I recently acquired a Mercedes Sprinter Van and it is in the process of getting customized to be the new transport vehicle. Along with the new hauler I am also working to increase my brand awareness with my pit presence. I really feel that my program is going to look brand new and refreshed in 2012!

Thanks again to everyone for all of their support. Every year that goes by I am more and more grateful for the people around me that support my career and riding.


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