Inside the Judges Chambers – Daytona

Daytona Beach 2011 Stop

by “Rowdy” Rodney Sargent and Presented by

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the 2011 XDL Championship Series presented by than to start off in beautiful Daytona Beach, FL during the 70th Anniversary of Bike Week. Smack dab in the middle of everything going on during Bike Week, is Daytona International Speedway. Home of the AMA 200 and AMA Pro Flat Track racing, the XDL Championship series is perfect addition to the 2 wheel festivities for fans and spectators alike. This will be my 1st season as the Overall category judge for XDL and lets just say I had my work cut out for me. As a Professional Street Bike Freestyler, I thought coming in and judging my fellow athletes would be a breeze. Man was I wrong! The level of competition has stepped up majorly in the off-season. With new tricks being thrown out in each practice session, it was hard to gauge who was going to come out on top of the qualifying session.  The XDL athletes are without a doubt the top Street Freestyle riders   in the world today. Each competitor having a different style and bag of tricks, making them all equally as exciting to watch as the next!

Bill Dixon has won the Championship two years in a row and Nick “Apex” Brocha was on his heels both times. Is this Nick’s year? Will we see BMW’s Chris “Teach” McNeil break back into the top ranks? What about the youngest rider in the field Aaron Colton on his Redbull powered Ducati Monster?

In 2011 XDL will combine hot downtown locations with awesome freestyle competitions. Don’t miss the new events in Old Town Scottsdale Arizona for AZ Bike Week and Downtown Monterey, California. And don’t forget about the granddaddy of them all: Indy!

The progression of tricks at XDL is reaching an all-new level. Everything is faster, smoother, more aggressive, more technical and riskier.

Bunnyhops on 400lb sport bikes? Seriously? Yes, most of the top guys can do stoppie bunnyhops now.

We all like racing right? In 2011 XDL will offer up two new street freestyle racing formats. The Wheelie Teach Wheelie Race, where two guys race down the track and back in a wheelie, and the Racing 905 Speed & Style Showdown, a head-to-head race that combines the best of tuning with the best of racing!

After the qualifying session was over, It looked like Nick Apex was back with a vengeance, taking the #1 qualifying spot with his technical riding he is so well known for. Bill Dixon was close on his tail with a solid 2nd place run. Bill rode the course like a man possessed, drifting, switchback bunny hopping and kangaroo stoppies with more aggression than I’ve never seen before. “Luke Duke” Emmonds was in the 3rd qualifying spot with his consistent riding and total use of the entire course. It was going to be an amazing final 3 runs between the top 15 qualifiers, I knew that for sure.

The Final runs were nothing short of pure aggression and the top 15 qualifiers were all riding like they had something to prove. So much power and control It was hard to tell which way the scores were going to go. Nick “Apex” Brocha came out on top for his 1st win of the season on his Monster Energy powered, Empire custom built machine. Bill Dixon ended up 2nd place. He was riding hard, but had a few bobbles that kept him from advancing to the top spot. A solid 3rd place finish to round out the podium was “Luke Duke” Emmonds. His solid runs and trick consistency make him a heavy hitter in a field full of eager competitors. 4th place finish was “Sick” Rick Hart. Rick may just be my favorite rider to watch, as he rides with speed, aggression, control and a style all his own. 5th place spot went to Shin Kinoshita from Japan. He is a true ninja on the bike, very exciting to watch.

The Sartso Jeans Women’s Cup was great to watch as well, all of the girls had stepped up their riding and were going hard for the fans!

Sartso Women’s Cup
1. Dena Sedono
2. Brytni Noell
3. Crystal Hooks

1. Nick “Apex” Brocha – 162.5 points
2. Bill Dixon – 155.5 points
3. Luke “Duke” Emmons – 152.5 points

Racing 905 Speed & Style Challenge
1. Eric “E-Brake” Pettit
2. “Redline” Jesse Toler
3. Kris Higdon

K&N Circle Challenge
1. “Savage” Lin Eshalom
2. Aaron Twite
3. Brian Bubash Sickest Trick
1. Bill Dixon (Pro Hop to kangaroo stoppie w No handed roll back)
2. Sick Rick Hart (300 degree stoppie)
3. “Krazy Kyle” Rapport (Pirouette to Blind side Indian air landing)


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