Throttle Nation Top Speed Challenge

The 2012 season at the ECTA’s new home in Ohio promises to be the best year of racing ever for motorcyclists looking to wring everything possible out of their bike. The new track is not only newer but it is also a LOT smoother. With the move to Ohio, the Throttle Nation Top Speed Challenge hopes to bring more motorcyclists than ever to the new track. The location in Wilmington, Ohio brings land speed racing to the heart of the USA geographically speaking which should make it a lot easier for a most racers to enjoy the event. Not only do we expect more racers, more fast bikes and a better track, it’s almost a sure bet that the trophy and umbrella girls will be hotter than ever too. Ok, just so everyone is clear there really isn’t any trophy or umbrella girls but they are welcome to come if they work for free.

The Throttle Nation motorcycle event (September 29-30th  2012) is held in conjunction with the normal ECTA event with a few special rules that make this a heads up race that is a bit unique compared to typical motorcycle land speed racing. 2012 will be the 7th annual motorcycle event and prizes (to be announced) are awarded for the fastest speed turned in each for six classes: 650cc all motor; 650cc plus power adder; 1000cc all motor; 1000cc plus power adder; Unlimited cc all motor; and Unlimited cc plus power adder.

Power adder classes may have only one “power adder” nitrous, turbo or supercharger installed.  If you think you are fast how about past winner Charlie Anstaett who went 259.8560 mph on a turbo Hayabusa? Is there anybody out there that has anything for him? Remember these bikes are ridden by their owner not high priced jockeys. There are a very precious few people in the world that have been faster than that in the standing mile aboard a streetbike.

“All motor” classes may not have any power adder installed. The winner in each of the classes earns at least the undeniable bragging rights that go along with owning one of the indisputable fastest bikes in the country. IF you really good and break a true land speed record over 200mph you could be among the first to receive the new 200mph hat from The Ohio Mile.

All entrants must be ECTA eligible and fully registered and tech-inspected for the meet and all bikes must be street registered and ridden by the registered owner. Otherwise, the rules are pretty simple. To encourage the hot-rodding spirit, Shootout rules allow virtually any modifications, as long as they are street legal. The class displacements refer to the engine cases only — so if you can get 800ccs out of a 650cc motor and keep it together, you are eligible for the 650cc class.

If you are tired of hearing your buddy’s claim to go 250mph on the way to work very day (we are tired of it too), then talk them into showing up in Ohio in 2012 and taking a few passes so we can all find out how fast they really are.


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