Top Dawg Legend – Kyle Woods

When it comes to living on the edge, not many hold a candle to Kyle Woods. Now a professional stuntman, Kyle is one of the legends of street bike freestyle. He is always interested in doing something dangerous – especially when someone else is along for the ride – as I discovered when some friends and I spent a couple of days with Kyle in Florida.

Kyle offered to take us shark fishing, and I envisioned casting out a line with bait and waiting for a bite – all from the safety of a boat. I had no idea that I would be part of the cast. Instead of fishing from a boat, Kyle wanted to fish from the shore, and that meant the bait needed to be dropped over the reef. In the middle of the night. While the sharks were feeding.

All that day, the gang and I asked Kyle about shark fishing: how big, how many and how difficult. His only response was to invite me to perform the ceremonial baiting of the sharks. Of course, I said yes. About an hour before we left, Kyle gave me the details – not for the weak of heart. I was to paddle a surf board to a section of the reef known to locals as Monster Hole and drop a baited hook into the sharks. When I asked if there was a safer way to shark-fish, he said delivering the bait was part of the experience. I suggested he experience it with me, something, it turned out, he had never done before.

So at midnight Kyle and I paddled out into the dark ocean on surf boards, balancing a bloody piece of fish on a hook that was attached to 90-pound-test line. Luckily, there was no moonlight to shine on our arms and legs flailing around in the shark-infested waters above Monster Hole. The instant we dropped the bait, we paddled like hell to get back to shore.

Ten minutes after arriving on shore, a shark took the bait and battled us for about two hours. Unfortunately the line snapped. Damn, that was a great time, though. A snapped fishing line was the only disappointment of hanging with Kyle Woods one of the legends of street bike freestyle.

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