WINNER! Issue #6 Caption Contest

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“Who needs clothes when you have skills like this!”

Benjamin Pierson



“There may be a helmet law, but there’s no law
against being a JACKASS!”

Chance Gray


  1. chris grizzard says:

    Pants on da ground, pants on da ground, Looking like Fool wit ur pants on da ground! Oh! Heck Look ma No pants!

  2. austin lynn says:

    Whores always spread em in their undies!

  3. Chance Gray says:

    There me a Helmet Law, but, Theres no law against being a JACKASS!

  4. Dominic Maldonado says:

    1) With kicks this fresh, who needs pants

    2) Good thing I’m wearing a clean pair today

    3) Tighty. Whitey. Wheelie. Spreader.

  5. Josh Petrick says:

    how to get rid of farmers tan

  6. Bill says:

    Man, Look who they have their Hanes on now!

  7. Tim says:

    “I hope no one notices that these say ‘wednesday’ and stunt practice is always on a saturday….”

  8. Tim says:

    “I hope I don’t get made fun of for how small this Honda is I’m riding…”

  9. Tammy says:

    Look ma! No pants!

    Look ma! No brains!

    My momma always said, “kids gota learn stuff, the hard way”…

    Preliminary pic to the final photo…junk in his trunk.

    Next up…How I got diaper rash, all the way up my back…

    But Mom, I wore clean underwear, just like you said…

  10. johnny bravo says:

    I think he misunderstood the song, wind beneath my wings…

  11. JJ says:

    “Can you save 15% on your car insurance by switching to Geico?”

    “Does grown man ride wheelies in his underwear?”


    new meaning for “make it clap ”


    Helmet $ 120

    Shoes $90

    Kids Motorcycle $800

    Watching him fall in his underwear , Priceless

  12. Jesse says:

    “I’m off like dirty underwear”

  13. Brody says:

    1.Two dudes riding Mandem & Filiming a guy riding in his underwear…. this must be the Bay!

    2. Why the helmet? Obviously no brain to prtoect…

    3. How does a stunter dry his laundry?

    4. Not the skid marks the they were looking for…

  14. Benjamin Pierson says:

    Dont hate because I can wheelie in my underwear better than you!

    Who needs clothes when you have skills like this!

    50cc stunt show here I come, now where did I leave my gear at???

  15. Tammy says:

    The doc said I need to “get air” to cure my jock itch

    Ya might be a redneck if…this is the way ya treat, jock itch

    But Dad! I thought you bought the bike for me!

    His tat is the closest he’ll ever get, to being a star

    Seriously Dad? Can I please have my bike back? You’re emBARRASSing me!!!

    His momma got him the tat, in the hopes he’d be a star one day… Sorry Mom

  16. Helmet………$100
    Making a skidmark while making a skidmark……. Priceless

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